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A boy in England found a rare fossil in his house

In England, a six-year-old boy of Indian descent found a fossil dating back millions of years while digging in his garden in the West Midlands.

According to recent reports, a boy named Siddak Singh Jamat used a fossil kit in his garden when he dug up a horn-like stone. He reportedly was digging for worms, pottery and bricks when he discovered a horn-like fossil that turned out to be part of a coral known as horn coral.

According to a report published by a leading British daily newspaper, the boy’s father, Vish Singh, identified the horn coral from a group of fossils of which he is a member on Facebook. Singh remarked that the discovery of the horn coral and a few smaller pieces next to it was really strange. In addition, during further excavations, they also found a frozen block of sand. He also said that it contained many small mollusks, sea shells and sea lilies, which is a prehistoric discovery.

Vish Singh has found that fossil markings suggest that it may have been rugose corals that existed in the Paleozoic era between 500 and 251 million years ago. He added that at that time England was part of Pangea, a land consisting of continents, and was under water for a long time.

The family reportedly lives in British Walsall, which is not a place recognized for its fossils, like the Jurassic coast in the south of England.

The family plans to share the Museum of Geology at the University of Birmingham with their unique fossils.

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