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Named the most popular cities among tourists in 2022

Analytical company Euromonitor has released a hundred cities of the world that were most popular among tourists in 2022.

This year, the leading positions went to Europe – 40 European cities were included in the rating, and Italy (six cities), Spain (five towns), and Greece (four cities) became the leaders in Western Europe.

At the same time, the French capital, Paris, topped the top 100 for the second year in a row, and eight European cities entered the top 10. Analysts attribute this primarily to the availability of travel within Europe, the easing of Covid restrictions, and the resumption of international travel.

When compiling the rating, six criteria were considered: tourism policy, sustainable development, infrastructure, health, safety, and economic indicators.

Top 10 cities of the world in 2022

  1. Paris
  2. Dubai
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Madrid
  5. Rome
  6. London
  7. Munich
  8. Berlin
  9. Barcelona
  10. New York

Meanwhile, the Asian region showed mixed results at the regional level due to travel restrictions related to the coronavirus. In pre-coronavirus times, the top of the list was dominated by Asian destinations, with Hong Kong and Bangkok leading the way.

However, according to Euromonitor, “Asia is a region to watch in 2023 as the return of international travel, both inbound and outbound, is likely to shake up the rankings.”

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