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In the UAE, a drunk business class passenger got into a fight with a flight attendant: video

A drunk Emirates business class passenger headbutted a flight attendant and was caught on video. The actions of the privileged passenger are being discussed online.

It is known that the incident occurred on a flight flying from Dubai to Islamabad. During the flight, the passenger left his seat, and then began to show aggression and conflict with the crew. Then he began to beat the flight attendant, after which a crew member knocked the brawler to the ground. The man was handcuffed and prohibited from leaving his seat for the rest of the flight.

Fellow passengers said they were “scared” by the disturbance and avoided passing him for fear of being attacked.

As soon as the plane landed in Pakistan, the passenger was arrested by the police, however, he was soon released thanks to his connections, the media said.

“The drunk guy was very violent. Emirates flight attendants detained him and handcuffed him, but I think the Pakistani authorities let him go because he was well-connected,” one eyewitness suggested.

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