A new era of clean electricity in UAE

The UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program is creating a cleaner, brighter future for our nation.

The UAE has entered a historic new era of clean electricity production. Unit 1 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant has started commercial operations; a first for the Arab World – a source of clean electricity, and pride for our Nation.

This game-changing moment means that the first unit of the Barakah plant is now delivering thousands of megawatts of emissions-free electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for more than 60 years. This is only set to grow, with three more units well on their way to generating clean electricity in the coming years.

This huge amount of clean electricity will support the UAE in making giant strides in meeting its climate change goals and becoming a global clean energy leader.

A new era of clean electricity in UAE

Saving Our Environment

The start of commercial operations signifies a major advancement in the UAE’s commitment to decarbonization and its efforts to combat global climate change.

Today, Barakah Unit 1 is the largest single generator of electricity in the UAE.

As the UAE population grows and as we develop new economic and industrial sectors, our need for energy grows too. The Barakah Plant provides us with clean electricity to keep our homes, schools and businesses running while still protecting our precious and unique ecosystems.

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A new era of clean electricity in UAE

Powering the UAE’s Engine of Growth

The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant enables the prosperity of our communities, and delivers significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

Barakah Unit 1 Commercial Operations is the result of more than a decade of effort by our Emirati-led, multinational teams to deliver on the UAE’s clean energy vision.

The Barakah Plant is an agent of positive change – delivering clean electricity, making great strides to tackle climate change, creating jobs and supporting industries, promoting R&D and technological advancement.

A new era of clean electricity in UAE

A Team Effort

The positive success story of the Barakah Plant could only be achieved through a team effort through partnerships and a multitude of organizations working together.

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ENEC’s cooperation and collaboration with all partners and stakeholders has been instrumental for the delivery of a world-class nuclear program that the UAE should be proud of.

A new era of clean electricity in UAE

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