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Turkey is developing the intranasal vaccine COVID-19

Turkish scientists, working with nanotechnology firm Nanografi, are developing the country’s first intranasal vaccine, COVID-19, the industry and technology minister said on Tuesday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the new graphene plant Nanografi in the capital Ankara, Mustafa Varank said that the nasal spray is expected to be more effective.

The intranasal vaccine will help Turkey’s efforts to fight the coronavirus, Varank said, adding that the vaccine could be “reworked” in the event of a mutation in the virus.

Turkey intends to start introducing intranasal vaccine this year, says Minister of Industry and Technology.

According to him, in the near future will begin trials in humans of the first phase of trials of the first intranasal vaccine of Turkish production, as its preclinical stages have been successfully completed.

“After the successful completion of all clinical stages, we aim to begin the introduction of intranasal vaccine this year,” said Varank.

Pointing to obstacles to the commercial adoption of graphene, Varank said Turkey would be one of 10 countries that could produce graphene on a large scale thanks to new investments.

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