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Ankara condemned Macron’s meeting with PKK representatives in Syria

Turkey condemns the meeting of French President Emmanuel Macron with members of the so-called. The “Syrian Democratic Council”, controlled by the YPG (the militant wing of the PYD – the Syrian offshoot of the PKK).

This is stated in a written statement by the press secretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Tanju Bilgich.

The contacts that Paris, contrary to Ankara’s calls, maintains with this bloody terrorist organization and its branches with separatist plans, undermine Turkey’s efforts to protect its national security, as well as the political unity and territorial integrity of Syria and ensure stability in the region, Bilgich stressed.

According to a spokesman for the Turkish Foreign Ministry, Ankara has repeatedly reminded the French and international community of the PKK’s crimes: violence against participants in peaceful demonstrations of young people who refuse to join the ranks of a terrorist organization, shelling of civilian infrastructure such as a hospital in Afrin, attacks on peaceful Syrians , including children, torture and murder of prisoners.

“We repeat once again that Turkey will resolutely continue the fight against this terrorist organization and its branches everywhere,” added the Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman.

RKK terrorists carry out bloody attacks to destabilize the situation and split Turkey.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that from 1984, when PKK militants first committed a bloody crime in Turkey, and until March 2020, 7,500 Turkish security forces and 6,800 civilians have died at the hands of this bloody organization.

The United States and the European Union have listed PKK as terrorist organizations.

Despite Ankara’s attempts to find ways to resolve the situation, the PKK terrorist organization has resumed armed attacks since July 2015.

In recent years, PKK has sought to shift responsibility for the bloody crimes in the region onto its offshoots.

In Syria, PKK terrorists hide behind the names PYD and YPG, and in the past two years have called themselves the “Syrian Democratic Forces.” In Iran, the PKK acts as the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK).

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