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In Turkey, tourists were officially warned about possible terrorist attacks

As the country looks to lure British tourists, the UK government has issued several travel warnings for people planning a holiday to Turkey. The country is recognized as risky, and tourists have been officially warned about possible terrorist attacks.

This is a warning issued by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Department (FCDO). It said there were possible terrorist threats to visitors heading to Turkey ahead of the tourist season. As quoted by the British publication IBT, the official message, first of all, reiterated the recommendation “against all travel within 10 km of the border with Syria”, and also added the advice “against all travel except essential” to the city of Sirnak and the province of Hakkari (both in the south of the country, also near the Syrian border).

In general, according to the agency, “no trip can be guaranteed to be safe” and anyone visiting Turkey should purchase appropriate travel insurance. Terrorist groups and political unrest in the country are also cited as causes for concern. It was also mentioned that Turkey is still struggling with the consequences of the earthquake. All this “raises fears about the possibility of an outbreak of violence in various parts of Turkey,” the British write.

We will remind you that earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain issued a warning about the danger for its tourists who are vacationing in Turkey or just planning to fly there. Holidaymakers have been advised to avoid certain areas in light of possible terror attacks, and Turkey has been described as a dangerous place to visit.

The warning also said: “You must remain vigilant at all times. “Terrorists will most likely try to carry out terrorist attacks in Turkey. Most of the terrorist attacks took place in the southeast of Turkey, in Ankara and Istanbul. Citizens of Western countries can become targets or victims of attacks, especially in large cities,” the British Foreign Office adds. It also says that terrorists may target places visited by tourists, such as public buildings, places of worship, large events, and mass gatherings, and sometimes plan attacks in connection with religious events and holidays.

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