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Wizz Air revealed the reason for the suspension of plans for flights from Abu Dhabi to Moscow

Wizz Air spoke about the reasons for the suspension of the resumption of flights between Abu Dhabi and Moscow. The company said that the flights will not take place yet, as there are “supply chain restrictions in the industry.”

However, according to Reuters, the carrier changed plans due to criticism on social networks and calls from users to boycott the low-cost carrier.

Wizz Air planned to resume flights from Moscow to Abu Dhabi in October. Tickets even appeared on the carrier’s website, the cost of which was 100-130 euros. At the same time, it was not possible to pay for the reservation with a Russian card. Also, there were no tickets on the websites of popular Russian aggregators. Representatives of ticketing services assumed that Wizz Air either did not have time to enter data into the system or planned to sell seats on its aircraft only on certain resources.

But the joy and dreams of cheap flights were premature. Yesterday, flights on the route Moscow – Abu Dhabi disappeared from the Wizz Air website.

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