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With orgies and a red room: tourists were invited to go on an 18+ cruise

In 2024, tourists will be able to go on a Temptation cruise, which will delight them not only with the opportunity to admire the picturesque Caribbean islands but also to plunge into the world of sexual freedom.

According to the Daily Star, the cruise will take place in February with departure from Miami (Florida, USA) and stops in Nassau and Cozumel off the coast of Mexico. On land, cruise passengers will stay at Temptation resorts, which have long been known for their 18+ entertainment, including swinger parties.

At the same time, adult entertainment lovers will spend two full days directly in the sea. Among other things, on board, couples will be able to enjoy the Red Room – a game sex room and “a friendly space for those who want to experiment with their sexuality in a place where freedom reigns.” There will be several beds in the room, separated by red curtains – and then the guests will decide for themselves whether to be alone or to experiment with others.

In addition, there will be many topless zones on the ship, and there will also be a space where you can be completely naked.

There will also be a rich entertainment program on board, including master classes with sexologists and sex parties with DJs and comedians.

And while the cruise announcement clarifies that it’s not a swingers’ cruise, it hints that it’s a lifestyle-oriented cruise for the unbiased. Well, then think for yourself what it means.

However, there are still some rules on board the ship. For example, in the dining areas, guests should be dressed in a smart casual style.

Single people can book a ticket for the cruise, but they cannot use the games room – it is only for couples, and there will be no exceptions, the organizers warn.

The same applies to master classes – some of them are intended only for couples.

In addition, photography will be prohibited in some areas.

The cost of the cruise will depend on which room the guest chooses, from staterooms (some of which have balconies, verandas, or ocean views, others are interior) to suites with personal butler services. Prices range from $2,150 for an interior room for two to $20,000 for a penthouse suite that sleeps four.

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