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Winter has returned to Sharm el-Sheikh: only +2 °C was recorded at the popular attraction

Winter briefly returned to Sharm el-Sheikh: last Sunday, May 7, the thermometer dropped to +2 °C there. Terrifying by Egyptian standards, the cold was recorded at popular sights – near the monastery of St. Catherine and on Mount Moses. This was reported by El Watan News.

Unstable weather and a significant drop in temperature affected all the cities of South Sinai, from Taba to Ras Sidr, but it was Mount St. Catherine, Egypt’s highest mountain peak, that recorded a minimum figure of near zero in the early morning. It was slightly warmer on Mount Moses – about +5 °C, and on the outskirts of the monastery of St. Catherine – only +9 °C.

It should be noted that Mount Saint Catherine and Mount Moses are located next to the Monastery of the saint and are the most popular tourist attractions in Sinai. This is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Egypt, related to the history of early Christianity. At the same time, in Dahab, the bar was kept at +22 °C, in Taba – about +19 °C, and in Nuweib – about +22 °C.

However, despite the extremely cold weather, Sharm el-Sheikh and other resorts continue to receive tourists from all over the world.

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