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Why there is no toilet paper in India and how tourists do without it

The question of why there is no toilet paper in India and how the locals do without it was revealed by a tourist in her blog. At the same time, although complaints about unsanitary conditions in India have already become commonplace, the tourist assures that Indians consider Europeans to be “dirty”.

In response to this question, the blogger just talks about toilet paper. She assures that from the point of view of the Indian, “our butt is dirty since you and I use toilet paper.”

“Indians categorically do not like it and do not use it. The absence of toilet paper in all the homes we have visited suggests that Indians do well without it. And the left hand and running water help them in this matter. I went to the toilet and immediately washed – it is this way of “wiping” that the Indians consider the most hygienic,” the blogger writes. At the same time, from their point of view, those people who wipe themselves with a paper walk with a dirty fifth point. “This is how all the Indians answered me,” she assures.

She also writes that taking a bath in India is also considered unhygienic.

“Essentially, a hot tub is a puddle. A stuck puddle of stagnant water. And for an Indian, bathing in a bath is like swimming in a swamp, because the water must be running, like in a shower. Therefore, Indians only take showers,” the blogger assures.

According to her, she repeatedly visited the Indians, and no one had a bath, only a shower. Moreover, according to her assurances, the Indians themselves answered her that they did not use the bathroom because they “did not want to be dirty.”

“Indians take a shower at least 2 times a day, some even more often. Even homeless people and homeless people bathe under a street tap, rubbing their bodies with a bar of soap. She constantly met this on the street,” the blogger also assured.

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