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Who should not rest in Turkey on All Inclusive

There are people who do not like a holiday in Turkey, and the problem is not in Turkish hotels, but in the types of “package” tourists – this conclusion was reached by a Russian tourist who managed to visit many local hotels. She listed “portraits” of vacationers in her blog.

According to the traveler, there are several types of holidaymakers and all of them, for various reasons, are dissatisfied with the Turkish food system All inclusive.

Star Distributor

Their distinctive feature, as noted by the blogger, is to look around what is happening around and give a comparative description not in favor of Turkish hotels. Such tourists can instantly rate the hotel by the number of stars. “Oh, it’s not 5 * at all … It’s a foursome with a stretch. Here I was resting in Thailand in 2015. Here there was a real five. This is heaven and earth, of course, ”the author gave examples.

Tourists who do not tolerate heat

As a rule, they go to the “hot” resorts of Turkey in late July or August. According to the blogger, “at this time, even the water does not cool,” and the sea resembles a warm bath in the heat.

The gentleman has arrived

“They are guided by the principle” I paid – I owe everyone “, – described this type of tourists, the author of the material, adding that in Turkey, even on All Inclusive, this system does not work – no one will be humiliated for the” master “.

“Luxury for cheap”

Such tourists are looking for a high level of service for a penny and believe that a luxury hotel in the season can be cheap. “Also, Turkey will not suit those who say:” A trip to Turkey for 70 thousand (26 thousand hryvnia) for two? Are you crazy? A maximum of fifty! ” And for these 50 thousand people want to buy a vacation together for “all inclusive” and take 10-14 days. ” The tourist added that such offers could not be found in the summer.

Lazy travelers

According to the blogger, a holiday in Turkey is suitable only for those who are willing to spend at least one evening looking for a hotel, because the pictures offered by tour operators can be deceptive. Yes, beautiful-looking hotels can be “terrible”, and modest hotels – “the best of a lifetime.” In reality, you need to study the feedback of acquaintances and bloggers on the objects of accommodation, said the traveler.

Suspicious tourists

Those who are always looking for flaws will not like a holiday in Turkish resorts. Such tourists spoil the holiday for themselves and their surroundings.

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