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What passengers most often steal from planes and sell on the Internet

Flight attendants have a pretty stressful job – they have to provide emergency medical care, keep people safe and make sure everyone has a drink. However, now they also need to prevent theft.

According to The Sun, more and more passengers are trying to grab souvenirs from planes. One of the main items passengers try to pick up is a life jacket.

According to the journalist of the publication, if you look on eBay, you can see a lot of people there selling life jackets for a price sometimes reaching £100 apiece.

“This is probably the worst thing you can take off a plane. Firstly, it can deprive someone of a vital life-saving kit. And secondly, it is known where you were sitting, and therefore the airline will have quite a good idea of who stole the vest,” the journalist notes.

In addition to vests, some people steal security cards from airplane seatbacks. “The information on them is what we would like all passengers to always have access to in case of unforeseen circumstances, so we would be grateful if you leave them where you found them,” the flight attendants say. They are mostly taken by aviation geeks who collect them from every plane they fly.

On long-haul flights, economy class passengers also often, when passing through business class seats, can take with them fruit slices, glasses of champagne, and other small things, ready for distribution to passengers in the front compartments of the aircraft.

There are a few things flight attendants don’t mind having passengers take from planes, including pillows and blankets. “Just make sure you don’t take too much or anything vital and you’ll be fine,” the flight attendant concluded.

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