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Turkey is shocked by the rate of inflation: it is calculated how expensive hotels, restaurants and transport have become

Hotel and restaurant prices rose by 80% year-to-date, ranking third in terms of overall inflation rates in Turkey. Transport and food prices soared even more. Such official data was provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), which announced the consumer price index (CPI) data for June.

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According to Turkish statistics, transport, food, and beverages, as well as prices at enterprises of the tourism industry, rose in price the most during the year – i.e. in hotels and restaurants. Thus, transport prices rose by 123.37% in June compared to the same month last year, their growth was 10.59% for the month. In second place are food products – they showed a growth of 93.93% compared to last year.

Hotels and restaurants are heavily dependent on the level of energy and food prices – so it is not surprising that they are the third most expensive. For a year, according to Turkish statistics, their prices have increased by 79.55%. Over the month, prices rose by 5.42%.

By the way, housing prices became another leader in June. They added 8.34% compared to May.

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