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Turkey is in danger: a warning has been issued for tourists

The downpours and strong winds that hit Istanbul threaten Antalya with a natural disaster. Such a warning was issued by Turkish meteorologists. This was reported by Karar last Thursday.

According to the report, the impending natural disaster warning in Antalya and Mugla (resorts of Bodrum, Dalaman, Fethiye, etc.) may disrupt the plans of tourists in the coming days. Meteorologists are very concerned about the severe weather conditions that have persisted in the region for the past month. According to them, the critical dates are December 8 and 9. This is a high-risk period when showers and intermittent storms can lead to flooding.

Anomalous December

The first week of winter gave tourists in Turkey surprise after surprise: heavy rain with only brief intervals of sunshine. These are unusual weather conditions for the region. Experts say that floods, storms, and downpours are becoming a part of everyday life in Turkey.

Meteorologists worry and warn about the serious long-term consequences of the current situation. The downpours and storms that hit the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean region may cause new adverse weather conditions in the resorts. For example, meteorologist Kerem Okten called the upcoming rains “a threat of natural disaster”. He paid special attention to the situation in Istanbul, where heavy rains do not stop. According to him, night showers on December 8 and 9 may become critical.

Heavy precipitation will also fall on the resort regions of the south and southwest of the country. “There will be showers in the districts of Mugla Datcha, Marmaris, and Cagegiz. There is a big risk for the center of Antalya province,” the expert said and urged to take precautionary measures. According to the weather forecast, on Friday and Saturday, in addition to showers in the cultural capital and resort regions, a gusty northerly wind is expected.

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