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Turkey has begun to close its borders to tourists

Turkey, fearing a new strain of coronavirus, unexpectedly closed flights to five countries at once. However, they are all in Africa. From Friday evening, entry into the country is prohibited from Botswana, South Africa (South Africa), Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. This information was announced on Twitter by the head of the Ministry of Health of Turkey Fakhrettin Koca.

“From tonight, it will be forbidden to travel from Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe by land, air, sea and rail,” the Turkish minister said.

It should be noted that flights to South Africa have already been closed by Great Britain, Singapore and Japan. Ukraine also plans to close them, but from next week.

It will be recalled that everyone is afraid of a new version of the coronavirus recorded in Botswana. Details about another nuisance for tourism.

Meanwhile, the virus has already “gone”: a new strain has already been found in Hong Kong, Israel and Belgium.

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