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Turkey expects a catastrophic earthquake

The expectation of a catastrophic earthquake in Turkey has intensified. As they write in the Turkish media, two experts immediately recalled the predicted strongest earthquake in the Sea of Marmara region. One of them is not even Turkish — but a recognized expert from a country that knows well about earthquakes is the Japanese civil engineer, architect, and earthquake expert Yoshinori Moriwaki. The second is Turkish professor Naci Görür, well known for his forecasts. And they both agree that a dangerous catastrophe cannot be avoided shortly.

Thus, a Japanese specialist said that the earthquake of magnitude 5.1 that occurred 3 weeks ago in Gemlik Bay did not replace the expected earthquake in the Sea of Marmara (predicted to have a frightening magnitude of 7) and did not weaken its future power. The fault lines of the Sea of Marmara “have not released their stress,” a Japanese seismologist is sure.

His Turkish colleague continues his predictions that the time for safe living in the Sea of Marmara region has expired, and an earthquake could happen at any time: “Earthquakes occurred on both sides of the Sea of Marmara in 1912 and 1999. This gap between earthquakes will be filled. There is no other way. If an earthquake occurs in the east and west, the area between them is forced to split apart. The security of this zone has expired. I’m not kidding”.

Let us recall that earlier Professor Nasi Görür stated that catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey can occur “anywhere,” but the main risk zone remains the Sea of Marmara and its surroundings. Moreover, the country faces “abnormal destruction due to population density.”

The entire region of the Sea of Marmara is at risk since at its bottom there is a fault zone that reaches Tekirdag.

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