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Tourists living in Turkey were warned about a new strong earthquake, naming dangerous areas

Strong earthquakes may occur again in Antalya and Alanya shortly. Nasi Vidit, a geologist and member of the Academy of Sciences, warned about potentially dangerous regions for tourists living in the southern regions of Turkey.

After a series of earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.0 and 3.9, which occurred on October 25 near the coast of resort cities, experts were “sprinkled” with questions about the possibility of more powerful earthquakes and the behavior of faults under popular cities (read details in the article “The coast of Turkish Antalya is shaking: AFAD announced a series of earthquakes “).

Coastal areas on the outskirts of Antalya and Mugla, including Alanya, are exposed to an increased risk of earthquakes, an expert from the pages of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Alanya emphasized. The regions around Marash, the Adana basin, and the Iskenderun region are particularly dangerous.

He also warned about the need to be prepared for earthquakes in the south of the Marmara Sea, in Canakkale, Bursa, and the İzmir peninsula in the west of the country. “We expect a strong earthquake in the area between Erzincan, Bingel, and Karliova on the North Anatolian Fault,” the geologist said.

According to reports, in the extreme southeast of Turkey, in the mountainous Hakkari, there may also be problems. In short, Turkey is generally seismically dangerous.

Dr. Vidit warned people and noted that the strong earthquakes he was talking about could have a magnitude of 6 and above. The expert urged residents of these areas to be careful and prepared for possible natural disasters.

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