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Tourists have been warned about a simple mistake that could cause serious problems in Spain

The regional manager of Villa Plus in the Canary Islands, Sandra Molyneux, talked about a big mistake that tourists regularly make when on holiday in Spain, which can get them into trouble.

“When you leave the beach, be respectful: no bare torsos or bikinis in the city center or the supermarket,” she told Sun Online Travel.

Also, an expert from Spain warned that you need to get into a local taxi in a T-shirt, otherwise, you will be refused a ride.

TikToker Frank, who organizes boys’ parties in Benidorm, supported this opinion.

“When leaving the beach and going outside, please cover up. Men must wear shirts, women must cover bikinis, otherwise, you can be fined 300 euros,” he warned.

Meanwhile, in Majorca, even more severe fines – almost 600 euros – are threatened for a similar violation.

Tourists are fined for bare torsos on the streets not only in Spain. In particular, for staying outside the beach without a shirt or in a swimsuit in the Italian resort town of Sorrento, you can receive a fine of 500 euros, and in Croatian Dubrovnik – up to 4,000 euros.

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