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Tourists are reassured: corpses in Antalya are the results of a shipwreck of illegal immigrants

In recent days, alarming reports have been coming from Turkish Antalya over and over again about the discovery of corpses on the coastline. One of them was found on the beach of a five-star hotel last week. Then, last weekend, similar emergencies were recorded in the Chenger, Kemeragzy, and Denizkent regions.

The remains of two more people washed up on Antalya beaches on Monday. “Two corpses were found on the beach of a hotel in the Kadriye area, 500 meters from each other. The gender of the victims could not be determined; they were sent for forensic examination,” reports the Turkish publication Hurriyet.

The total number of bodies found in the resort province has reached eight. This trend scares both locals and vacationers. The situation is aggravated by the fact that most victims are found without certain parts. However, local authorities have an explanation for what is happening.

The bodies washed ashore in Antalya in recent days are believed to be those of illegal migrants whose boat sank while trying to get from Africa to Europe on December 11th. And already in January, a storm washed the remains to the Turkish coast. This is indirectly confirmed by the clothing on some of the previously found victims — it was made in Syria. There were about 90 people on board the wrecked boat. So it’s not a fact that today’s terrible discoveries will be the last.

Some tourists discussing the news are ready to associate the absence of body parts in the corpses with the possible violent nature of the deaths and the existence of dangerous criminals in Antalya. However, there are also quite logical explanations for this fact — the victims could have lost them while in the water, either due to the elements or because of marine life.

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