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Tourists almost sold into slavery in Thailand

Thai media reported that tourists from Malaysia almost became victims of slave traders. They told how they were able to avoid this fate thanks to the fact that one of them spoke a little Thai.

“We were driving to the airport and the taxi driver started having a suspicious conversation on the phone,” said one of the injured tourists. There were five people in the car – two men and three women who were vacationing in Bangkok. They ordered a taxi through the inDrive app, planning to leave the country.

“The car arrived with completely tinted windows, and we immediately felt that something was wrong. Then the driver began talking about us to an unknown subscriber on the phone, mentioning two men and three women,” the tourist continued.

The worst moment, according to him, happened when the driver began to report their every move to his interlocutor on the phone. “We were terrified and even started checking the route on the Waze navigation app. It showed that we were only 30 minutes from the airport, while the driver’s Google Maps indicated that it would take 50 minutes to arrive at an unknown location,” – said the tourist.

The incident frightened the group of tourists so much that they asked to stop to use the toilet. However, the driver refused to stop, claiming that this could lead to his arrest, and suggested that they drive to a gas station five minutes before arriving at the airport. But when the tourists checked the map, they realized that there was no gas station near the airport.

“Only the traffic jam saved us. As soon as we got stuck in it, we immediately left the car and took our luggage from the trunk. The driver was dumbfounded and did not bother us, did not even demand payment,” the tourist added.

He also noted that the driver’s profile indicated that he had transported more than 600 people, and who knows how many of them could have been in a dangerous situation. “The world is dangerous, and everyone must be vigilant and protect themselves. It is important to always track your location via GPS and monitor the behavior of drivers,” the tourist concluded.

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