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Tourist loses €2,400 over selfie in Malta

A photo against the backdrop of the Auberge de Castille in Malta cost the Italian tourist more than 2,000 euros and one year of probation, reports Italy.24.

20-year-old Vittorio Emanuel Savoia damaged the steps while trying to take a photo at sunset in front of the residence of the Prime Minister of Malta. It is reported that he tried to get to the doors of the Castilian compound on electric transport, thereby damaging the steps.

This fact did not escape the attention of the police officer on duty, who immediately notified his colleagues. The Italian was identified and invited to appear at the Valletta police station, where he confirmed everything but denied that he had noticed the damage.

The country’s authorities imposed a fine of 2,400 euros on the tourist and also sentenced him to one year of suspended liberty.

The historic Valletta Palace is a Baroque gem, a UNESCO heritage site, and the home of the Prime Minister of Malta. It is located in one of the areas with maximum tourist flow.

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