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Today in India you can see the “Worm” Supermoon

A full moon at the Hall this time will be something special. Known as the Super Worm Moon, the big and beautiful moon will be seen tonight.

It is reported that the super worm moon will be seen in India around 18:36 on March 29.

The supermoon is the full moon closest to the earth. You may ask, How does this happen? The larger size of the Moon seems to be when the full moon or new moon almost coincides with the perigee. Perigee is the closest distance when the Moon comes to Earth during its orbit.

The nickname of the old farmer is given to the full moon every year. This is an old Native American custom, when full moons were named after certain markers, such as animal behavior or even weather. The worm moon is so named because it is the month of spring when earthworms emerge from the earth.

The Worm Moon is the fourth closest full moon of the year, as well as the fourth largest and brightest. These Supermoons are almost 14-30 percent larger than the average satellites.

The Super Worm Moon was first seen in the Maine Farmer almanac of the 1930s.

The month of Super Worms, seen in March, is also known as sugar, juice, crow, soup, or as we call it in 2021, Worm Moon.

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