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The world’s largest cruise liner will be five times larger than the Titanic

Icon of the Seas, a cruise ship from Royal Caribbean, will be the largest in the world and will exceed the size of the great Titanic by five times. The launch of the ship, which will be able to accommodate more than 5,000 passengers at the same time, is scheduled for January 2024. The demand for the cruise tour is so high that the organizers have opened the sale of tickets for 2025-2026.

Royal Caribbean opened reservations for Icon of the Seas this week and announced the start of additional sales for several years ahead because demand for cruises was record high. It is known that the liner will sail from Miami through the Caribbean Sea, including a visit to the cruise line’s private island.

The giant ship offers a wide range of entertainment for both family tourists and vacationers of the 18+ category, since the ship is divided into eight quarters on 20 decks, it will be difficult for vacationers of different groups to cross each other.

One of the pride of the ship is a considerable Category 6 water park with record-breaking water slides and pools, and there is one of the fastest at sea, with almost epic vertical descents, the Daily Star newspaper specified. In addition, other extreme types of recreation are provided, including surfing simulators on the upper deck. The Aqua Dome waterfall show and ice rink are also announced. As for food, there will be restaurants and bars on the liner.

We will remember, that “Titanic” was one of the largest and most luxurious passenger ships. Its length was 269 meters, width – 28 meters, height from the keel to the top – about 53 meters. These dimensions made the Titanic one of the largest steamships of its time. When launched in 1912, she was considered one of the most luxurious and modern ships.

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