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The Turks announced the cost of living for German pensioners who will escape from the winter cold in Turkey

“Staying at home this winter is more expensive than vacationing in Antalya,” said Redcep Yavuz, head of the tourism working group of the Antalya City Council, advertising long-term tourist programs for Germans in Turkey in winter. They are primarily aimed at German pensioners “who cannot pay their bills for gas that has risen in price.” On average, they can spend the winter in Antalya for only 21 euros per day.

First of all, in his speech, Redzep Yavuz reminded us that the price of gas in Germany has increased by 95%, the price of gasoline by 35%, and the price of electricity by 15%. Food and drinks also went up in price by 20%. And this is not the limit – by winter all of this will be even more expensive. Overall, he said, the average German family with two children will have to pay €3,461 more for petrol, gas, electricity, and food and drink than last year. “At the same time, there are 150 million pensioners in Europe and they are waiting for an opportunity to save themselves from rising costs,” said Redzep Yavuz.

According to him, “hot countries” have already paid attention to this circumstance and offered “long accommodation packages”. Among them are Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand, and Vietnam. “The strength of Antalya is the quality of the product and the offered prices. We have the opportunity to offer a selection of hotels from 3 to 5 stars, options from bed&breakfast to all-inclusive, easy delivery from Europe, and attractive prices,” the Turkish official added. According to him, Antalya offers 152 hotels as part of “long-term” programs, the booking period is up to 56 nights, the program covers the period from November to February and offers hotels for any budget and taste.

“As an example, I take a well-known 4-star hotel in Kumkei, a resort near Side. From November 15, 2022, to January 10, 2023, the guest will pay €1,209 per person for a package program for 56 nights. The program includes: a round trip Germany-Antalya flight ticket, 57 days of all-inclusive service, a train ticket to an airport in Germany and a transfer from Antalya airport. As a result, the tourist’s daily expenses, including food, drink, accommodation, amount to €21. And it is much more attractive than sitting with minimal heating, wrapped in blankets and waiting for winter to pass? Not to mention the sun and the sea…” – said a Turkish official. At the same time, he added that the prices are also lower – in a 3* such a program will cost 511 euros for 56 days, and in a luxury 5* hotel for 9892 euros.

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