The Turkish Meteorological Service has issued a yellow warning for Istanbul and Ankara

Turkey’s State Meteorological Service (TSMS) has issued a yellow warning for 13 provinces, including Istanbul and Ankara, of heavy rains expected in the next three days, forcing people to take security measures.

Temperatures are expected to fall 2-4 degrees Celsius in areas with heavy rains, while temperatures in other regions are expected to remain more stable.

On June 1, heavy rain fell all over Istanbul, but by noon the weather had changed to partly cloudy and warm.

The downpours are expected to continue periodically until the beginning of June 3, and they will be effective in the areas of the central and Asian sides of the metropolis with a population of 16 million.

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Meteorologists also expect heavy rainfall and thunderstorms around the Central Black Sea coast and the surrounding areas of Sivas and Kayseri provinces.

“The expected precipitation is projected to be heavy locally in the vicinity of Sivas and in the north of Kayseri,” a statement issued by TSMS said.

Authorities have warned people to be careful and cautious about troubles such as flash floods, lightning, hail, strong winds and traffic disruptions during expected downpours.

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