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The swimming season has opened in Antalya, but so far, it is only on weekends

It’s almost summer weather in Antalya, Turkey. There are many vacationers not only in the city but also on the beach. Some are already swimming, although the water for Turkey is not yet fresh milk, +19…+20 °C.

As residents of Antalya note, last winter was hot, and now the weather is like in 2018 when temperature records were set, during the day in the shade +24 °C. In the coming days, according to weather forecasters, it will get colder, but not critically: by 1–2 °C. The other day, the thermometer reached 31 degrees. “Very hot. People swim in the sea overlooking the snow. We didn’t expect such weather,” the vacationers share.

There are especially many sunbathing and swimming people on weekends; mostly locals test the water. The first large flow of tourists is expected from April 6 to April 14 — during the holidays after the end of the holy month of Ramadan. These days, all hotels in Antalya will be filled with vacationers from Turkey, Iran, and other Muslim countries.

The infrastructure in Antalya is almost ready to receive tourists. Sun loungers and umbrellas are already on the beaches rented by hotels. Work on public beaches is being completed. The finishing touches are being applied to Antalya’s longest beach, the 7 km long Konyaalti Beach.

Perhaps the only nuisance is the jellyfish. And they come across quite large ones, the size of an average pizza.

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