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The sea went from Turkey to Africa: the shores are bare, tourists are shocked

In the main resort province of Antalya, tourists and locals “lost” the Mediterranean, and experts told shocked vacationers that the sea “went” to Africa. The water receded significantly from the shores and left travelers wondering what happened and whether it will return back to the beginning of the beach season.

According to Turkish media, the water has receded sharply from many beaches. This was especially noticeable in Manavgavt, where the water went 20 meters from the shore. Due to the exposure of the bottom on the coast, rocks and small islands were formed. Also lies on the surface of large pipes, which were previously invisible, because were under water.

However, Professor Mehmet Gekoglu, a professor of aquaculture at the University of Akdeniz, assured tourists that the situation was normal: a strong north wind in the Bosphorus, the so-called pairas, which blew in the Turkish region for several days, shifted water from Turkey to Africa.

In real life, the planet is not covered with an even layer of water. There is a land that prevents water from accurately following the moon. That is why in some places the difference between tides is not very big, while in other places it is significant. In Turkey, this time the drop in water in the Mediterranean occurred by 20 meters from the initial figure in just a few hours. However, this natural phenomenon is temporary: the water will return to the beaches of the resort when the wind changes.

“Due to the strong north wind from the land in the sea there was a retreat of water off the coast of Turkey and at about the same time there was a rise of water off the coast of Africa. When the wind blows from the south, the sea will return to normal. There is nothing to be afraid of and worry about,” he assured.

According to Iskhan Budult, a lecturer at the Department of Geography, the place where water meets the earth is called the shoreline, which can change depending on the waves and tides.

“In Turkey, tides do not happen often, the rise in water does not exceed 40 centimeters. Tides are more common on the Pacific coast, in France and some islands in Russia,” said the expert.

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