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Famous blogger MrBeast built 100 wells in Africa

One of the most popular bloggers in the world, MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson), opened 100 wells in several countries in Africa. According to him, this will provide water to more than half a million people.

MrBeast published a 10-minute emotional video on YouTube, which immediately attracted the attention of social media users. At the time of publication of this news, the video had been viewed about 47 million times.

“You just saw how one of the villages in Kenya gained access to an unlimited amount of drinking water. There is one well. There are 99 more left,” MrBeast said optimistically at the beginning of the video.

The blogger showed how difficult it is to get drinking water and how people wait for it. According to data voiced in the video, wells appeared in villages in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Somalia and Cameroon. The blogger was warmly welcomed in every settlement.

“I like how people immediately begin to draw water. I have never seen anything cooler than this in my life,” one of the eyewitnesses shares in the video.

There are already more than 105 thousand comments under the video, and their number is growing every hour. Users of the social network note that the blogger’s actions are a great example for many people. Below the video are comments from different parts of the world.

“Mr. Beast deserves a huge number of awards for his kindness”, “The best YouTube in the world? The main thing is that he is a good person”, “The Internet definitely made him famous for a reason. Keep up the good work,” write admiring netizens.

Let us note that along the way, MrBeast provided some schools with new computers, projectors, whiteboards, and in one of the villages he gave bicycles to children.

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