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The resort of Egypt was covered by a sandstorm: tourists took shelter in hotels

The Egyptian Meteorological Department announced the adverse weather situation in Hurghada last Friday, June 2. In some places, a sandstorm hit the resort town: northwesterly winds with a speed of more than 60 km/h raised sand and dust, driving tourists from beaches to hotels, Al Masry Al Youm reported.

In some areas, the sandstorm significantly reduced horizontal visibility to less than 1 km. The surfaces were instantly covered with a thin layer of empty red sand. The hurricane wind also raised sea waves about 2 meters high, which became dangerous for tourists actively resting on the coast.

As night fell, the weather conditions in Hurghada did not change significantly. It was hot in the city, and the cloud cover gradually increased. On the morning of June 3, the wind died down, meteorologists say that the speed will decrease to 20-35 km/h. But such winds still contribute to the formation of storms, so travelers should be careful.

The air temperature in the resort remains high. In the next 5 days, the thermometer will stay at around +37 °C; by the end of next week, it will reach +42 °C. It is also hot at night +31 °C.

The sandstorm that covered Hurghada caused restrictions on tourist activity in the city. Many vacationers preferred to stay in hotels, hiding from dust and unpleasant weather conditions.

The city authorities urged visitors and residents to be vigilant and follow safety recommendations. Although the weather conditions in Hurghada can be unpredictable, this resort town remains a popular place for relaxation and beach time. Tourists visiting it should be prepared for changeable weather and take precautions to protect themselves and their vacation.

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