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The moment of the plane crash with Russian tourists in Nepal was caught on video

On January 15, 2023, the ATR 72 regional plane crashed while landing at the Pokhara airport, a city popular among tourists in Nepal.

In a video taken by an eyewitness to the crash, the aircraft can be seen flying at low altitude before suddenly flipping over and falling to the ground.

In the last seconds before the fall and the fire immediately after the fall, one of the passengers of the plane fell into the stream. He conducted a video broadcast of the landing on the social network Facebook.

The ATR 72 belonged to the local airline company Yeti Airlines and operated a local flight from the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. There were 68 passengers and four crew members on board. Rescuers found 68 dead at the crash site. The search for four more people continues.

The ATR 72 that crashed had the registration 9N-ANC. The plane was built in France in 2007, and it began flying in the Yeti Airlines fleet in 2019. Before that, the airliner was operated by Indian Kingfisher Airlines and Nok Air from Thailand.

Currently, the official versions regarding the reasons for the plane’s crash have not been announced.

flightradar24 reported that its radars recorded false altitude and speed data from the ATR 72 9N-ANC throughout its flight.

All Nepalese airlines, including Yeti Airlines, are blacklisted by the European Union due to possible security issues. Because of this, they are prohibited from flying in the airspace of the European Union.

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