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In Nepal, the rules for climbing Everest have been changed: now not everyone will be able to do it

Only those climbers who carry a tracking device with them during the ascent will now be able to climb Everest, to reduce the time required for search and rescue missions, if necessary.

It is indicated that tourists will be able to rent a special chip by paying 10–15 dollars for it. At the end of the route, the chip must be returned.

According to the director of the Nepal Department of Tourism, Rakesh Gurung, the spring climbing season will soon begin on Everest, which will last from March to May.

“Everest is dangerous to climb, and in recent years it has become increasingly overcrowded and even more dangerous to life. Last year, Nepal issued a record number of permits to climb Everest during the spring season. This season, at the same time, became one of the deadliest in recent times: 12 confirmed deaths and five missing climbers,” he said.

Gurunga stressed that the country’s authorities are trying to reduce the number of deaths among climbers and are taking other measures to protect those who want to conquer the peak.

“Last year, the Nepal Tourism Board announced that climbers on any mountain are required to obtain a Tracking Information Management System card from an authorized climbing agency to ensure the safety of visitors and prevent unlicensed treks,” he said.

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