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The flight from Amsterdam was delayed for 5 hours because the pilot was bitten by a mosquito

The flight of the British low-cost EasyJet was delayed at the Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands due to force majeure: the pilot was bitten by a mosquito. The tourists spent 5 hours waiting until the plane was thoroughly treated after the insect attack.

As specified by the Mirror, the plane was supposed to take off at the scheduled time from Schiphol Airport to Manchester in the UK but got stuck on the runway after a swarm of insects invaded the cockpit. One of them bit the pilot. At the request of the victim, the plane had to be carefully processed.

At this time, the exhausted passengers were nervous and waiting for departure. Among them was 27-year-old veterinarian Rachel Green. On her page on the social network, she said the following: “The departure time was constantly delayed. Finally, the pilot came out and said that he had been bitten by a mosquito, so he wants the whole board to be thoroughly treated in case there are more insects.”

At the same time, other tourists reported that they had other information: the delay was due to a technical malfunction. However, the wait did not add positively to the tourists. According to Green, the only compensation the carrier offered passengers for the delayed departure was a meal voucher worth the equivalent of €5.

Let’s add that this is not the first case when insects lead to flight delays. Earlier this year, a Delta Air Lines flight got stuck on the runway at Houston Airport in the US after a swarm of bees stuck to one of its wings. As a result, the flight was delayed for about 3 hours (see this link for details).

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