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The first time we saw this: In India, a fish almost killed a teenager by swimming into his mouth

In India, doctors encountered an unusual case. A teenager was admitted to the hospital with a fish in his throat, the Mirror reports.

According to the portal, the fish swam into the mouth of a 14-year-old boy when he was swimming in the river and wanted to take a breath. The living thing got stuck in his throat. At first, residents tried to get the fish themselves, but when they realized that they couldn’t cope and the victim might die, they sent him to the hospital.

In the first hospital, after examining the patient, they concluded that they could not help him in any way and sent him to another hospital. There, the doctors, although amazed by the picture, still set about saving the guy’s life.

The fish was removed from the throat with tongs and in parts.

The guy is currently not in any danger. The doctors said they encountered such a case for the first time in their practice.

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