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The famous attraction from the list of “new wonders of the world” is closed for an indefinite period

Political protests forced the authorities to close indefinitely one of the world’s most famous monuments, included in the list of “new wonders of the world”. We are talking about the historical city of the Inca Empire Machu Picchu in Peru – political protests led to the evacuation of tourists from there.

“Taking into account the current social situation in which our region and country are, it has been ordered to close the Inca and Ilacta road network in Machu Picchu from January 21, 2023, until further notice to ensure the safety of tourists and the general population,” – quoted the press release conferences. directorate of the culture of Kusko.

According to the information, the protesters brought a part of the railway in Machu Picchu out of order. As a result, 418 people got stuck in the famous city of the Incas and had to be evacuated. According to some reports, there could be up to 300 foreign tourists.

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Luis Elguero said all stranded tourists would be “provided with facilities.” They are also compensated for travel expenses. She added that the concession company Ferrocarril Transandino SAC immediately started repair work on the dismantled railway.

However, the country continues to be rocked by political protests, the cause of which was a change of power – in another attempt to dissolve the parliament, former president Pedro Castillo, the first leader of the indigenous peoples of the Andes, was impeached and imprisoned in December on charges of sedition and conspiracy. Ex-Vice President Dina Boluarte, against whom supporters of the ex-president are opposed, got power. Protests are dealt with harshly, 53 people are known to have died.

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