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The European low-cost carrier easyJet offers a service that will take the hassle out of luggage

The European low-cost airline easyJet offers passengers a new service that will save them the hassle of luggage.

As reported by Avianews, the new service provides that the traveler can check in his luggage right at home, and then receive his suitcase upon arrival at the hotel or office in the city of arrival.

As reported, the passenger will not need to go to the check-in desk at the airport to check in the luggage during departure or pick it up in the arrivals hall – couriers will do it for him. The service is provided by the company Airport, which has started cooperating with easyJet.

At the moment, the service is limited. Baggage is collected at home before the flight and delivered to the address in the city of arrival only for passengers departing from London Gatwick Airport to Geneva. Baggage check-in at home in London costs £38 (€43) and baggage delivery to a specified address on arrival in Geneva from £40 (€46).

If a passenger departs from Gatwick or Geneva on any other easyJet route, they can book a baggage check-in at home, but they will have to collect their bag themselves in the arrivals hall after arrival.

For all easyJet flights to Geneva, the passenger can order baggage delivery upon arrival. In this case, the courier will pick up the suitcase from the baggage carousel at Geneva Airport and deliver it to the specified address.

The new service is included by default in the most expensive Flexi tariff. easyJet passengers with these tickets can request a free baggage check when departing from Gatwick or Geneva Airport.

Other easyJet customers provide the service for a fee. In some cases, the price of baggage delivery exceeds the price of the cheapest airline tickets. If a flight from Gatwick to Geneva on 23 January 2024 costs £30 (€34), door-to-door luggage on this route will cost £78 (€89).

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