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Thailand is sounding the alarm: the country was flooded with “stealth” sub-variant of Omicron

Covidoisteria in Thailand does not give up so easily – while the local tourism industry calls on the government to follow the example of European countries, quell the Covidoisteria and remove all restrictions on tourist entry from next month (as, for example, Britain – details in “Complete lifting all restrictions: Europe’s first country to end pandemic“, local Thai virologists continue to sound the alarm and hysteria. up to 18.5% of new Covid-19 cases in Thailand.

Thai virologists acknowledge that the symptoms of BA.2 are not more severe than BA.1, it spreads faster. The Ministry of Health explained that BA.2 is called a stealth option because PCR tests do not always detect it. It also “weakens the immune system created by vaccines, although people with revaccination are 74% less likely to become infected.”

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According to the latest data, 18,885 cases of Covid-19 infection in 24 hours have been recorded in Thailand. Of this figure, only 224 are “imported” cases from tourists.

It will be recalled that a number of groups representing tour operators in the south and east of the country, as well as the Thailand Hotel Association in an open letter to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha and other government officials called for fully opening the country to foreign tourists since March. That is, remove all entry restrictions, including Thai Pass and PCR testing upon arrival. They point to several other countries, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom, where almost all Covid restrictions have been lifted and the virus has been declared endemic. Read the details at the link.

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