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Terrible misers: the nationalities of the stingiest tourists in Europe are named

The World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) published the statistics of leisure tourists’ expenses. According to these data, the nationalities of the stingiest tourists in Europe and the leading country for the title of the main “stinger” were revealed.

In the first place in the ranking of the stingiest tourists in Europe, Poles were. In 2022, the average expenditure of one Polish traveler during a vacation abroad was only 185 euros. Data from UNTWO showed that the spending of these European travelers on trips abroad changed from 2019 to 2022. This is with the COVID-19 pandemic. The total expenditure of Poles on foreign tourism amounted to only 7.2 billion euros in 2022, although in previous years this expenditure figure was much higher.

Another interesting observation: Poles most often chose Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey and Croatia for their travels. And, interestingly, the Albanian mass media reported on the growing interest of Poles in visiting this country in 2023. This year, 126,795 Polish vacationers visited Albanian land. It is believed that Albania is one of the most budget-friendly vacation destinations in Europe.

The second place in the rating of the best tourists in Europe was taken by the Greeks. In 2022, they spent only 193 euros per person when traveling abroad. The total expenditure of Greeks on international tourism amounted to 1.9 billion euros last year. Greeks also reduced their level of spending from the previous year in 2019, when their spending on tourist destinations was equal to 2.9 billion euros.

It is interesting that the Greeks also show increased interest in visiting Albania. This country has become the first destination for Greeks when traveling abroad. It is followed by Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Great Britain – these are the data from the Global Data report on travel and tourism in Greece.

Hungarians, Bulgarians and Croats became the least stingy in outbound tourism. Tourists from these three countries in 2022 paid an average of 239 to 374 euros for their travels. In general, Hungarians spent 2.2 billion euros on tourism, Bulgarians – 1.5 billion euros (239 euros per capita), Croats – 1.4 billion euros (374 euros per capita). At the same time, Bulgarian holidaymakers most often spend their holidays in Greece, Turkey, Great Britain, Hungary and Great Britain, while Croatians prefer Italy, France, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.

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