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Taiwan begins to develop tourism for the elderly

Radio Taiwan International reports that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau announced a new “Golden Years” initiative to attract more senior travelers.

Bureau vice head Lin Hsin-ren said Taiwan is the best place for older people who want to be active and stay mentally and physically healthy. And the bureau’s initiative is focused on ecology, culture, and quality of life.

The expert added that the government is improving infrastructure, accommodation, and transportation services to make places more accessible and convenient for the elderly.

Lin also noted that the service industry for the elderly is thriving and has significant untapped potential. He stressed that domestic travel in Taiwan among senior citizens was estimated at $1.3 billion last year. Lin said that his department is ready to exploit this niche tourism market.

Such efforts are being made in response to population aging around the world. According to government figures, one in five Taiwanese will be over 65 by 2025.

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