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Sharm el-Sheikh announced 913 flights with tourists: the leaders were not Russians but Ukrainians

“The number of tourists in the resorts of South Sinai is constantly growing, and this is a good indicator of the return of tourism after the pandemic. Despite the prevalence of the world’s coronavirus and the level of infection, people want to rest and tourism is gradually recovering. ” Major General Khaled Fudu, the governor of South Sinai, made such an optimistic statement in the Egyptian media. At the same time, judging by the statistics provided by the head of the resort region, the full-scale return of tourists is still ahead.

So, as the governor declared, only during September of this year about 100 thousand tourists on 913 flights arrived to a resort. Of these, the first place was taken by Ukrainian tourists, who for almost the entire “coronavirus” time is the main market – they accounted for 273 flights. Russian tourists are in second place and so far their arrivals are less than twice – 106 flights. However, we must add the 100 flights that arrived from Turkey, which are in third place – the route “to Sharm el-Sheikh via Antalya” is also popular with Russians.

By the way, the leaders are also the countries of the post-Soviet space. In fourth place is Kazakhstan, with 86 flights, followed by Belarus with 64 flights and Armenia with 37 flights. Then a small number of Europeans, “in the face” of Italy, which sent 25 flights, Romania – 19 flights and Poland – 18 flights. The rating of Uzbekistan leaders closes with 14 flights.

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