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Shark attack in Brazil: Angry shark bites off teenage girl’s hand on Piedade beach

A shark bit off a Brazilian woman’s hand while relaxing on a beach in Brazil. This is reported by the local edition Latestly.

The incident occurred on March 6 at Piedade Beach, located on the east coast of Brazil in the state of Penambuco. A tourist who was in the water was attacked by a shark. Witnesses to the attack of a marine predator helped her get ashore, but the girl lost a lot of blood and was on the verge of fainting.

After realizing what had happened, the victim “began to scream in pain and fell into hysterics.” An ambulance arrived at the scene and took her to the hospital by helicopter.

It is noted that swimming on this beach is prohibited due to the frequent cases of shark attacks in this area. Despite this, some people continue to take risks.

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