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Russian tourists tried to take 35 kilograms of food out of a hotel in Turkey: video

Tourists decided to take advantage of the resort hotel by picking up food from the buffet. The total weight of the “gifts” amounted to more than 35 kilograms of a wide variety of food.

The incident took place in Turkish Antalya. Tourists took food from the buffet for a long time and took it to their room. In total, they managed to accumulate 35 kilograms of products indoors. It is noted that the tourists planned to leave the hotel with the “accumulated”, but the staff prevented this.

It is reported that tourists managed to load dried fruits, several kilograms of apples of different varieties, snacks, sweets, carbonated drinks, a bunch of sugar, a lot of tea bags and other products into their suitcases. The guests also wrapped ordinary butter in foil. They also put together a whole bag of little sauces. Among other things, there were also shampoos and cosmetics.

A video appeared on the Internet in which hotel workers pour out all the “booty” found in the bags of guests on the bed.

In the footage, you can hear the woman caught red-handed explaining the situation. First, she assures that the guests wanted to leave the products to the hotel staff. And then the woman explained that these products are a snack on the road.

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