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Record heat covered the resorts of Egypt

“Waves of hell” covered the resorts of Egypt – in South Sinai the temperature rose to 29-33 degrees, in Hurghada it was even hotter, and record temperatures were recorded at the “divers’ resort” in the city of Dahab in Sinai.

It is there, as stated by Major General Khaled Fuda, the governor of South Sinai, to the Al-Watan agency, that the average temperature is fixed at 29 degrees Celsius, and during the day it reaches 33 degrees. At the same time, the wind speed reached 18 km/h.

In Sharm el-Sheikh, Nuweiba and Taba, it is a little cooler – +27-28 degrees. It is warm even in the high mountain areas of the province, where tourists like to go on excursions – and where, until recently, freezing temperatures down to sub-zero temperatures were recorded at night. Currently, it is 21 degrees during the day and 13 at night in the city near St. Catherine’s monastery, and up to 17 degrees on Mount Moses during the day.

At the same time, judging by the forecasts, the heat is not going to go away – in Sharm el-Sheikh, at least until the first of May, the temperature will last +29 – 31 degrees, almost exclusively sunny weather with a very active sun. Nights are also warm – about +25 degrees.

In Hurghada, it is even hotter, which is unusual, in the coming days the temperature is expected to reach +34 degrees, then the temperature will drop slightly – to +27-29 degrees. It is colder at night, about +20. The Red Sea is heated to 24 degrees and invites tourists to “cool off”.

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