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Rats began to attack tourists on a popular beach in Thailand

Locals and tourists have begun posting disturbing videos of an increase in street rat attacks on popular Bang Saen Beach in the Thai province of Chonburi, reports The Thaiger.

As the newspaper notes, the danger from rodents is serious: many victims ended up in hospital beds, and tourists who did not have insurance had to pay for vaccinations out of their own pockets.

A local resident captured the aftermath of his sister’s rodent bite – the video has gained more than 4 million views on TikTok.


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“Poor sister. She was bitten by a rat when she ate on Bang Saen Beach,” the user signed the video.

The victim at the time of the attack was located on the south end of the beach, popular for its lively street food restaurants, food carts and bars.

“There are a lot of rats and they are not afraid of people. Beware and save your food.”

“I saw them on the stairs leading to the beach. They stole my food and ran away.”

“I was in the hospital for two days after being bitten by a rat.”

“Local government should do something about it!” – users write under the publication.

The author of the video soon posted another video in which he said that his sister received medical care in the hospital.

A Thai source warns that tourists should be very careful not to run into a dangerous animal. If the rat is still bitten, it is recommended to immediately seek medical help: street rodents can be carriers of dangerous diseases.

The issue of maintaining health during the holidays is one of the highest priorities. Previously, diseases that can be caught on the beach and while swimming were named.

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