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Prices that shock everyone: in Turkey, they calculated the cost of dinner in a restaurant and were horrified – tourism will soon come to nothing

Turkish prices “shock tourists and piss off locals,” local experts complained on the pages of turizmguncel. They assure that in some Turkish resorts, the prices have “surpassed the high English prices in Britain”, so tourists, even foreigners, refuse to visit them, and domestic Turkish tourists en masse declare that it is too expensive for them to rest in Turkey. As a result, there is a risk that tourism in Turkey will come to nothing: foreigners simply will not go to such an expensive vacation spot, and Turks themselves will vacation abroad.

“Even in places that today are called “degenerate”, the cost of a meal for two with alcohol is at least 1,500 lira (about 2,800 hryvnias). Moreover, this is an optimistic number. And this is a completely modest table without any frills,” Turkish experts say.

In some places – for example, in Marmaris, according to them, “prices for food and drinks have exceeded English prices” – and local entrepreneurs seem to be trying to make them even more expensive for tourists.

“But the days have passed when we assumed: he will spend €100 for dinner, but he is a tourist, he is rich. Contrary to popular belief, paying €100 for dinner is also an exorbitant expense for tourists. And inflation-oriented price updates shock and outrage them. People who eat a good meal for 15-20 euros in their country pay 100 euros for a similar meal and look at each other, first laughing and then saying, “Oh, they’re serious,” when they pick up the check, experts say edition.

In addition to the fact that such a policy “evicts” foreign tourists, it also affects Turks. The number of them who say that vacationing abroad is more convenient than vacationing in their own country is “too large to be underestimated.”

Experts also add, no, they do not believe that Turkey should be a cheap destination. “The current prices are higher than the psychological limit, that’s what shocks the consumer. While the domestic market is constantly being lost, foreign tourists are surprised by the prices they face when they go outside. We have to get out of this vicious circle,” they assured.

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