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Passing mode: in Pattaya on the famous Walking Street tourists will be allowed through the checkpoint with the police

Tourists will have to survive the return to the legendary “nightlife” of the Thai resort of Pattaya through police posts, but at least this famous street Walking Street at least will be open. Pattaya police marched on Walking Street to announce that after more than two years of waiting, the street was ready and safe for tourists to return.

Tourists, however, will be greeted by checkpoints, as well as security guards at bars and shops, who have been instructed to monitor “inappropriate incidents” and report them immediately to the police. In other words, coronavirus is still in high demand in Thailand. At the same time, the “official” curfew for the sale of alcohol has been extended until midnight from the former limit of 23:00.

Last Sunday, local tourism police chief Pitcha Kjuplueng, along with other authorities, also visited a popular pedestrian street to announce that Pattaya’s famous street is once again ready to receive tourists. Bar owners who have been “retrained” as restaurateurs confirm this.

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