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Party for one: in the US, a bear broke into a house and drank all the beer

In the United States, a three-legged bear, nicknamed Tripod because of its physical features, broke into the house of residents and drank all the beer, reports The New York Post.

While the uninvited guest appeared on the veranda, only 13-year-old teenager Joseph Diglio was at home. The boy was watching TV when his dog spotted the bear and warned his owner by barking. The teenager hid and filmed the clubfoot moving around the house.

“This happens once in a lifetime. I have never seen a bear so close,” Joseph comments on the video.

After wandering around the house, the bear went to the refrigerator, probably in search of food, opened the door, took three cans of beer, drank it, and left.

Joseph later told reporters that this was the second time Tripod had broken into their house.

“Honestly, it’s part of our lives. I wasn’t scared because we know the bear very well. He lives here and we respect his habitat as much as we can,” he said.

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