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On the beach in Thailand, a Russian woman bit off part of the finger of a tourist from Britain

At Koh Raham beach club on the island of Koh Phangan, there was a conflict involving tourists from Russia. According to Thai media, a couple from our country were sitting on bean bags in a bar. At this time, women from Britain and Germany with a dog decided to take neighboring places. The tourist from Russia did not like this idea.

She got into an argument with a British woman. The waiter of the institution intervened in what was happening and allowed the guests who came to take empty seats. However, the conflict did not subside after that. He, judging by the description, was not only verbal – a friend of the British woman said that the Russian woman got hit on the head. According to sources, after that, she grabbed her teeth into the hand of the offender and bit off the tip of the fingertip. By the way, the finger turned out to be average. Whether it was an accident or a gesture was not specified.

After the incident, the Russian couple was stopped by a police squad. As it turned out, the tourists had only a passport photo with them. They were released to the hotel for documents, warning of the need to come to the station. However, according to journalists, the couple did not comply with the requirements and flew to Malaysia. The injured British woman, in an attempt to save her finger, first received help at a local hospital, and then went home for a replantation operation.

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