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New rules for duty-free shops come into force in Egypt

The updated rules allow tourists arriving in Egypt to purchase up to 2 liters of alcoholic beverages and 2 packs of cigarettes in duty-free shops in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, and other cities. The changes came into effect in February. As before, you can exercise the right within 2 days after arrival at the resort. It is allowed to spend up to $ 200, including alcohol, upon presentation of a passport.

The liquor limit has been increased to 2 liters subject to payment of 1% customs tax due, but not less than $13 per liter or its equivalent in Egyptian pounds.

Duty-free shops are popular in Egypt: tourists regularly complain on social networks about the poor quality of Egyptian spirits and local beer, which are served to them in hotels on the All Inclusive system. Therefore, new rules are actively discussed.

The wording of the new provision does not provide a clear answer to the question of how to levy the tax in practice. The position of the sellers is given in social networks, where a photo from the outlet was published with an announcement that it is necessary to pay for each liter. In another public, they note that prices have increased for each unit of alcohol, for example, if a bottle of wine costs $ 10, then there will be $ 23 at the checkout for payment.

The norm is still left to replace one liter of alcohol with one package of beer (24 cans of 0.33 liters each).

Changes in the rate of alcohol – are not the only innovation. Also, the limit of exemption from customs duties on personal belongings of travelers has been increased to 15 thousand Egyptian pounds instead of 10 thousand LE under the old version of the law.

When leaving the airports, luggage and personal belongings of arrived travelers are passed through a scanning device, visual inspection is also possible, items prohibited for import are confiscated, and over-limit items are required to pay customs duty. To prove to the customs that all imported new items are not intended for subsequent sale, experienced tourists are advised to remove price tags and factory packaging from them.

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