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Named the most expensive resorts in the world

The rich have a lot of quirks, especially those who lack impressions and extreme sports in life. While some are mastering luxurious European resorts, the most expensive vacation spots are in completely unexpected places.

Bora Bora

The island is located in the South Pacific Ocean and belongs to French Polynesia. The main income of the locals living on the atoll is tourism. Most luxury hotels are located here.

Holidays in Bora Bora are so expensive for several reasons. Firstly, only Polynesian airlines from Tahiti fly to the island, and secondly, many hotels are quite expensive, as they are located on stilts right in the ocean, and you can only get to them by boat, so a vacation here can be called luxurious. In addition, there is nothing on Bora Bora except for beach holidays and activities related to the sea. The rich come here to enjoy solitude, scuba dive to the coral garden, or go on safari through the rainforest.


Another island of French Polynesia was on the list of the most expensive resorts. It attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to tropical landscapes, blue water, and white sand.

Walking in the open sea with animals has become the hallmark of the island. So, you can dive into the water and swim with dolphins, sharks, and leopard rays. Diving is also available to explore the coral coast.

For the entertainment of tourists here go to any lengths. So, for example, you can go to the city where real natives live and get acquainted with their way of life. Such pleasure is also not cheap.

For the rich, all conditions are provided here, including for elite sports. The island has a large golf course, tennis courts, and even stables.

Sa Ferradura

The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the territory of Spain. There is only one hotel on it, and everything else is an area for restaurants and entertainment.

You can get to it only by renting a yacht, or on your own – as you like. The island has several swimming pools, a private beach, golf courses, and tennis courts. There is also an entire staff assigned to each room. Among the restaurants are all the cuisines of the world, in general – a real paradise for the rich.

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